About Yea PS


Yea Primary School is a school of 143 students situated approximately 100km north-east of Melbourne. We offer a nurturing and safe environment with flexible learning spaces designed to support students develop literacy and numeracy skills. We offer an exciting variety of programs to promote lifelong learning. We embrace the values of Respect, Creativity, Integrity, Collaboration, Persistence and Empathy. Our philosophy is to ensure that all students are provided with the opportunity to be articulate and independent thinkers. We aim for them to have the social, emotional and educational skills to contribute to society in a proactive manner. We promote healthy eating and through our six values encourage interaction with others in a positive and caring way.

Our four new classrooms have three learning areas that support the school wide Developmental Curriculum learning philosophy. All classrooms and specialist rooms are complete with interactive whiteboards and computers. Extensive synthetic grass areas with many activities for the students compliments our oval and tennis courts which can be used for soccer, netball and basketball in a safe and attractive environment. There is plenty of space for children to participate in quiet activities as they interact with their peers.

The school has adopted the core values of respect, integrity, persistence, collaboration, creativity and empathy. These values underpin our school expectations and student, staff, parent and community relationships. Parents and community members are always made welcome in the school. At Yea PS there are five classrooms and in the morning the three senior classes are divided into four literacy groups which ensure they receive effective and timely intervention. Education Support staff are provided for students when required and a Student Welfare Officer works with students, staff and families to provide support and care. We will be continuing with a Reading Recovery tailored program which targets students in Grade 1 who require intensive reading and writing support.

The school’s guiding principles are to provide a high quality education through a curriculum that has breadth, depth and relevance. Student welfare is addressed through the whole school by the implementation of Restorative Practice and a school focussed discipline and welfare policy.

Transition for Kinder and Grade six students is an important process at our school we ensure that our students have a sound understanding of the routine and expectations of their new school. Transition activities begin in third term and our teachers work closely with the Yea Preschool and Yea High. At the Grade 6 Graduation dinner we invite a past student to share their thoughts and experiences at secondary school. All past students are very welcome to return and we support many students from Yea HS who are required to run short programs for their secondary subjects.

A teamwork approach to curriculum planning promotes consistency of delivery throughout the school. Art and Phys Ed are taken as specialist subjects by all students and extracurricular activities that reflect the focus of the curriculum are enjoyed by students throughout the year.

Sporting Schools is a Federally funded program that gives students the opportunity to participate in many activities such as Soccer, Table Tennis and Swimming.

All students are encouraged to eat fruit on a daily basis and have “brain food” snacks throughout the day. The Salvation Army donates fruit each week and the school leaders distribute to each class so there is always ample supply of health fruit snacks in the class.

Yea Primary School is renowned for its Skipping Team which participates in the State Championships and performs at various other schools and community functions. The school also has a multi age choir from Foundation to Grade six who also perform within the school and the community. A small group of enthusiastic singers participate in Boite which is a mass choir of 800 students who perform at the Federation Square. Foundation to Grade six enjoy participating in weekly dancing lessons with a professional Dance Company. Yea Primary School presents a performance every December to the school community that includes every child in the school. Students in Grade 6 write the play with a teacher and decide on their level of involvement with the main characters in the story. Many dances learnt are incorporated into the musical and other student interests are also included.

Student voice is addressed in various ways to develop the confidence and leadership capacity of our students. We have two School Captains and two Vice Captains and classroom SRC representatives that alternate every term.

Yea Primary School is a child safe organization. We are committed to child safety and have zero tolerance to child abuse and protect students from all forms of abuse. All staff, volunteers and board members of Yea Primary School are required to observe child safe principles and expectations for appropriate behaviour towards and in the company of children. Each staff member must sign off on The Code of Conduct annually, agreeing to comply with and be responsible for supporting the safety, participation, wellbeing and empowerment of children.

2016 Annual Report to School Community

Protecting the safety and wellbeing of children enrolled at Yea Primary School is our highest priority. Families put their trust in the Leadership, staff, volunteers and external providers to keep their children safe as they learn. We know students learn best when they feel they are in a safe and supportive environment.